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Interlining is a layer of fabric that is sewn between the face fabric and the lining of window treatments.

Interlining is hidden by the outer layers of the curtain – even though you can’t see it, adding an interlining could mean the difference between your drapes being plush, full and beautiful – and being limp and listless, wilting and without substance.


Using Bumph as interlining


Volume and drape

A layer of interlining gives your soft furnishings extra volume and body.  This is particularly desirable when using a light face fabric such as silk or taffeta, as it improves the drape and hang of the curtains for a luxurious and upmarket look.

Adding an interlining will add significant weight to your curtains.  Always ensure that your curtain rail is strong enough to take the burden of the curtains, and that it is strongly fixed to the wall.

Insulation and noise suppression

Each layer of fabric creates an insulating air pocket, reducing heat transfer between indoors and outdoors.  See article: Insulating Your Home for information on how adding lining to your curtains helps to keep your home warm!

Sunlight protection

Interlining provides an extra layer of sun protection, protecting your soft furnishings from damaging UV rays.  Adding an interlining is essential when using a face fabric with a high silk content.  See article: Sun Damage and Fading for more infomation on how linings will help protect your fabrics from fading.


What is Bumph?

Bumph (also sometimes referred to as Bump) is one of the most common fabric used as an interlining.  It is bulky and flannel-like, with a brushed surface that gives it a lofty and substantial feel.

Charles Parsons Interiors offer a range of Bumph options to suit your needs!


European Bumph

Our European Bumph is a soft, fluffy fabric available in clean, crisp offwhite.  Composed of 100% polyester, this is an easy care interlining option.

European Bumph by Charles Parsons Interiors


Bumph Standard & Bumph Deluxe

Bumph Standard and Bumph Deluxe are 100% cotton linings with a organic, calico-like fleck, available in natural or white shades.

Bumph Standard by Charles Parsons Interiors


Bumph Micro

For extra body and texture, Bumph Micro is a polyester microfiber, with a volumous layer of loosely matted polyester fibre adhered to one side.  This interlining is perfect to add depth to a silk or taffeta curtain, or to add luxury and sumptuousness to upmarket designer projects. 

Bumph Micro by Charles Parsons Interiors


Charles Parsons Interiors are proud to offer high quality linings that will stand the test of time.  Contact your nearest stockist to request a sample today!